Sunday, July 25, 2010


Now you are probably wondering why I have titled this post Blargh. I shall tell you. I'm in pain. I have recently started Junior Roller Derby. Recently meaning 16-17 sundays. We have been doing black widows. They are KILLER!!! I have only done 2 black widows but each time I have gone home in a lot of pain. Last week was 10 minutes long. Ten minutes! We had to skate for one minute then do single knee drops for one minute, where you are doing lunges on skates, then we had to skate for one minute. Then we had to do double knee drops for one minute. Then, we had to skate for another minute. THEN, we had to all fours drops for one minute, where we land on our knee and elbow pads. AND THEN!! We had to, guess what... yep, you guessed it we had to skate for ANOTHER minute. THEN!!!! We had to do bace ball slides for a minute, they are what you think, then skate for another minute. Last we had to sprint or speed skate. So, as you can see... they are tiring. This weeks black widow was way more easer.

Soon we are going to be having or skills test. Blargh. I;m not ready for it but I'm practicing in the basement of my grandpas house.

Other than Roller Derby, nothing has been going on. NOTHING!! I'm bored out of my mind! I'll try to post on my blog more often I just haven't had anything to wright about.

Friday, April 2, 2010

It is finally friday. . .

So most of us have had a long hard week. So have I. It has been spring break and it has been so BORING! We all have a nice weekend to look forward to, because it is easter. Unless you have to work over the weekend, then I feel bad for you. If you do have to work over the weekend then continue to read this. Dream of being in the place you would be or like to be over the weekend. Don't leave there until you have to go back to work and when you get home from work go right back to that place. That should probably keep you from being to stressed out from working over the week end.
Can you never get to sleep on a friday? Is it because you have had a lot of stress put on to you from your week? Or is it just because you have insomnia? If so on the insomnia one, I can not help you. But, if it is because of stress and pressure or any other reason, other than insomnia, then I can help you, maybe. When you are going to sleep and laying in your big comfy bed, or where ever you sleep, close your eyes. Imagine that you have this big room in your head and you are walking threw it to find where to put all your stress from the week. The walls have lots of bins and buckets filled with memories and other stuff. You can even have an infernal room for all you piros. Any hoo, find some where to put your stress and problems and what ever is bothering you that you can get to when your awake. When you find that place, burn it if you are one of thats piros, and just put all your stress and other things that are bothering you in and store it away far away so it can not pop back in to your mind and if it dose go back and do the same posses but hide it even farther in to the back of your mind. After that ether go to the airport in your mind and ether go some where random or go to some where that you have always wanted to go. Don't take any bags where ever you are going bags with your stuff will magically appear. So go to there and imagine that you can be there for however long you want to and that every thing s free or you always have money what ever you need you will have money to spend. Imagine every thing that you would do there, even if you don't even know what is there to do, just think you would do what ever you think is what you would do. that should do the trick for helping you get to sleep and if it doesn't then