Sunday, July 25, 2010


Now you are probably wondering why I have titled this post Blargh. I shall tell you. I'm in pain. I have recently started Junior Roller Derby. Recently meaning 16-17 sundays. We have been doing black widows. They are KILLER!!! I have only done 2 black widows but each time I have gone home in a lot of pain. Last week was 10 minutes long. Ten minutes! We had to skate for one minute then do single knee drops for one minute, where you are doing lunges on skates, then we had to skate for one minute. Then we had to do double knee drops for one minute. Then, we had to skate for another minute. THEN, we had to all fours drops for one minute, where we land on our knee and elbow pads. AND THEN!! We had to, guess what... yep, you guessed it we had to skate for ANOTHER minute. THEN!!!! We had to do bace ball slides for a minute, they are what you think, then skate for another minute. Last we had to sprint or speed skate. So, as you can see... they are tiring. This weeks black widow was way more easer.

Soon we are going to be having or skills test. Blargh. I;m not ready for it but I'm practicing in the basement of my grandpas house.

Other than Roller Derby, nothing has been going on. NOTHING!! I'm bored out of my mind! I'll try to post on my blog more often I just haven't had anything to wright about.